Meet Sarah

Blogger, teacher, serial crafter, seamstress, fashion historian, voracious reader, and lover of new notebooks.

Over the years I’ve worked a lot of different jobs. I was a seamstress in both in the bridal industry and theater. I’ve worked in museums on both exhibits and collection management. I’ve taught sewing and fashion related courses at the college level. And

My formal education has focused on design and history. I have B.F.A. in fashion design from Columbia College Chicago and a M.S.I. in archive and records management from the University of Michigan. I’ve also earned a Ph.D. in dress, history, and culture from the University of Minnesota. For my dissertation, Using the Process of Reproduction to Extract Tacit Knowledge from Historic Garments, I reproduced two garments from the early 20th century and compared the skills and knowledge needed to construct them.

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How It Started

A blog for serious crafters

The Craft Blogger began as Sarah Likes Clothes in 2018. While it began without a clear purpose, over the years it has evolved into a place where I share my creative projects and the other things I find inspiring or useful.

Now that I’ve moved into the post-Ph.D. phase of my life, I’m looking forward to expanding my creative practice and embracing learning without a defined end goal. I’m interested in crafting projects that challenge me and stretch my skills. I want to create objects that are aesthetically beautiful and let me work with high quality materials. And I try to incorporate lessons I’ve learned from studying the history of design and handling objects from museum collections. On this blog I share both my personal journey and anything I learn that I think might be helpful to someone else.

I’m also trying to reclaim some balance and ease in my life while at the same time re-sparking my own sense of joy and creativity. So, I’ll be showing you how I keep inspired and how to work creativity into my daily life. I also want to share with you the objects, experiences, and media that inspire me and make my days better.

Meet my assistants

Two extremely helpful cats

This blog wouldn’t be the same without my two cats. Both Clara (left) and Figaro (right) “help” with most projects. If you hang out here or over on Instagram for any length of time you’re sure to spot them!

Both are rescues from Feline Rescue in St. Paul, MN.

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