A few weeks ago, I decided to buy myself a little present. I’ve been doing a lot more embroidery lately and I found that holding the hoop in my left hand was just not working for me anymore. I found I couldn’t work for as long as I wanted to because my hoop hand would get tired. With so many great online classes to take I didn’t want be slowed down by sore hands. I also found myself wanting to use my second hand to help manipulate the thread. So, I set out to find the best embroidery hoop stand for me.

In this post I’ll tell you all the things I considered when buying my hoop holder. I’ll also cover how I feel about the choice I made and if I would buy the same one again. Last, I’ll suggest a few models that might work for you.

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Elements to Consider When Choosing an Embroidery Hoop Holder

I do most of my work at my desk, but I still really wanted the option of working on the sofa or in the comfy chair in the corner of my bedroom. So, I needed a stand that was capable of doing both. That meant it needed a base that was heavy and solid enough to work on a table and a neck long and adjustable enough to adjust to both positions.

I wanted something that could hold any brand of hoop so that I wasn’t locked into a proprietary system. Size wise, it was important that the holder would be able to accommodate 3″ to 12″ diameters. Ideally it would also be able to hold rectangular frames.

I wanted adjustments to be easy, so I looked for large easy to grip handles to loosen and tighten the blots holding it in place. I didn’t want to buy a hoop holder to save myself from hand strain only to get more hand strain!

Where to Find a Hoop Stand

When I did my initial google search to find the best embroidery hoop stand, most of the viable options seemed to be from Etsy. I generally prefer to buy from small companies, so it made sense to focus my original search on Etsy. Plus, I’ve been using the platform long enough that I felt confident in my ability to judge the quality of the sellers. However, since I first wrote this post I’ve also been keeping my eye out for other options and adding them in when I can.

Given the unpredictability of mail delivery times these days, I only seriously considered options that shipped from within in the U.S. Some of my favorite options were from a Turkish company called Nurge. The shapes were exactly what I wanted and the prices were great. Unfortunately, all the reputable looking sellers were in Europe and I wasn’t willing to risk it.

I ended up going with an Etsy shop called Copper Wood and Stone. They were one of the most expensive options. After taxes I paid just over 230$. However, the holder fit all my criteria and the seller appear to be a legit small producer. As best I can tell, Copper Wood and Stone looks like someone’s hobby business.

Copper Wood and Stone Hoop Holder Review

An in-progress floral stump work embroidery piece held by what I decided was the best embroidery hoop stand for me siting on a green desk.
My embroidery hoop holder doing it’s job while I work on a stump work project from a Craftsy class.

What this means is that each hoop holder is unique. There were a few different options when I bought mine, and I ended up choosing one with Tigerwood extension arms (other wood options here and here). It also has a large, triangular base made out of plywood, wood metal and plastic adjustment knobs, and a plastic clamp to hold on to the hoop. There’s also a small magnet on the base for use as a needle minder.

So far, I’m really loving using it. Adjustments are easy and once tightened the parts don’t move. I can make it comfortable to use siting at my desk or slouching on my sofa. Plus, having the hoop holder makes it easier to do complex embroidery projects with stumpwork elements. I do have to be a bit careful of how I place the clip if I don’t want it to leave marks on my fabric. However, I haven’t found this to be a big problem.

The magnet needle minder is great for keeping track of my needle when changing thread colors and keeping my thread snips from running off. I honestly didn’t expect to love that feature as much as I do, but it’s become essential.

I will also say that it took me a little while to get used to using a hoop holder at all. I’m used to turning my work over whenever I changed my thread to knot off. It was a pain to take the hoop off the holder each time. After a few days I learned how to tie off without looking, which solved the problem.

A green desk with an embroidery hoop stand. The bench next to the desk has a grumpy looking calico cat on it.
My embroidery setup is great now but I don’t know if Clara is going to let me have my bench back.
Top down view of two hands working on the Woodland Botanicals embroidery kit from The Crafter's Box. Hoop is held by a hoop stand.
I really love how I can use both hands to manipulate my thread when making French knots. The berries on the spruce sprig on this kit from The Crafter’s Box would’ve been a pain without my hoop holder!


Obviously, I love the hoop holder I ended up with from Copper Wood and Stone, but if it’s out of your budget (or out of stock!) there are a few others you might consider:

Nurge Adjustable Seat Embroidery Stand

Nurge Embroidery Hoop Stand. Photo from Etsy Seller CraftyImaginationsUK.

If I hadn’t been worried about shipping times, this is the stand I probably would have bought. It’s available from several different sellers though Etsy, most of which appear to be shipping out of the UK. I’m not sure if it’s the best embroidery hoop stand on the market right now, but it does seem to be well known.

This makes sense, as the company appears to have a UK presence. It might be worthwhile to try ordering directly from them, rather than going through a 3rd party. However, there’s no information about shipping outside of Europe on their website.

Overall, this looks pretty similar to the stand I purchased. I think the arm may have a little shorter of a range and the knobs are smaller. It’s also missing the needle minder. But otherwise it looks like a nice piece of equipment.

Get yours from any of these Etsy shops.

Siesta Master Embroidery Seat Stand

If I had seen this hoop stand before I bought mine it would have been a serious contender. While this doesn’t have the reach or adjustability of the Copper Wood and Stone Stand, it is still a solid looking option.

I like that the frame clamp is wood and that you can easily rotate the piece without taking it off the holder. It’s comparable in price to the Nurge holders above and also ships from the UK. So, if you’re willing to take a chance on shipping times I’d recommend seriously considering it.

Get yours from StitchdoodlesDesign on Etsy.

360 Degree Rotatable, Adjustable Embroidery Hoop Stand

360 degree hoop holder. Photo from Etsy seller SkillSupply.

I was tempted by this stand for a while because of it’s ability to quickly and easily rotate. Being able to easily access the back of the piece was a big concern of mine. Because this is strictly a table top holder I decided it wasn’t a good fit for me. However, if you always work at a table this might be great for you!

I mean, the wooden frame looks great and because it has fewer adjustments there’s less to mess around with. Also, if your piece is small enough, you can use one side to hold the hoop and the other as a phone stand. Perfect for when you’re trying out a complex new technique and nee a tutorial to help!

Get yours from SkillSupply on Etsy.

Metal “Lamp Arm” Hoop and Phone Holder

I recently came across this metal hoop stand while searching for a phone holder on Amazon. I’m kind of intrigued by it for two reasons: its aesthetics and its dual use.

Most of the hoop holders on this list have a natural or crafty vibe to them. And while love that, I can see this stand fitting right into a more industrial looking crafting space. I also like that it doubles as a phone holder for photography.

I do have some concerns about stability. The reason I love this arm design so much for task lamps is that it’s quick to reposition. So I’m not sure it it will be stable enough for stitching. And it does need to be clamped to something to function. However if it doesn’t work out, at least you still have a phone stand!

The Crafter’s Box Hoop Stand

It’s entirely possible that if this had been around when I bought my hoop stand a few weeks ago I would have bought it instead. Why? Well, it’s not just because I’m already a big fan of The Crafter’s Box. No, it’s because of the price! At 42$ even with shipping it’s a deal.

It’s made from solid wood and highly adjustable. The flat shape of the hoop clamp is less likely to damage your fabric than the one I have, though with two screws it may require more fiddling to open and close. The only other big downside is that it only looks like it would work well at a desk or table because of the base shape.

Update November 2022: Sadly, this hoop stand doesn’t seem to be sold anymore. However, I still recommend them as a place to go for embroidery kits, so I’m leaving this in.


Overall, I’m pretty sure that I bought the best embroidery hoop stand for me right now. While there are a lot of great options on the market right now, thee needle minder and the Tigerwood arm make the Copper Wood and Stone option feel special.

Do you have a favorite embroidery hoop holder? Or another must have crafting tools? Share them below or over on Instagram!