Blue plaid fabric next to a teacup and saucer with a painted rose pattern on a coaster.

Evermore Inspired Plaid Coat Roundup

I can’t be the only one who suddenly woke up this morning wanting to wear a plaid coat, right? Maybe it’s the overcast sky. Or the holiday season. But most likely it’s Taylor Swift’s new album Evermore, which I already know is going to be playing on repeat around here. On the album cover, the singer wears a plaid coat that already seems to be sold out everywhere. So, instead of despairing, I’ve put together an Evermore inspired plaid coat roundup!

Blue plaid fabric next to a teacup and saucer with a painted rose pattern on a coaster.
Just looking at some of the plaids in my fabric stash and wondering if they’d make a good coat…

The coats in this roundup are a mix of vintage and secondhand options. Honestly, I love vintage coats almost as much as I love vintage jewelry. And secondhand clothing is great way to explore your style in a more environmentally friendly way. Prices vary, with coats from roughly $100-$1000 at the time of publishing. 

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Leather-Trimmed 1970s Wool Check Coat

Knee length coat made from a brown, white, and black plaid with black leather trim.
Leather-Trimmed 1970s Wool Check Coat image from Etsy shop RatherUniqueBoutique.

There’s something charmingly practical about this 70s coat. The loose silhouette and hidden inner cuffs make this the perfect coat for someone who will actually go wandering around in the woods.

Jason Wu Raglan Sleeve Double-Breasted Coat

One of the things I always look for when I buy secondhand clothing online are raglan sleeves. Because there’s no hard line at the shoulder I always end up with a better fit. This Jason Wu coat has more to offer than just fit though. The plaid fabric has a “chalk stripe” effect because of a generous nap on the fabric, meaning it is likely to be warm and cozy, in addition to looking great. I’m also a big fan of the all silk lining and perfect hem length.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Neutral One-Button Coat

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If you want something with Evermore vibes but that can also be worn to the office, this is the coat for you. The neutral pallet of tan, cream, and black is classic enough to fit in anywhere. The large scale of the pattern combined with a simple silhouette and narrow lapels makes it feel modern. 

Orange and Brown Vintage 1960s Cape

Product photo of a hip length tailored cape coat with a round collar. Coat is made of a black, cream, and orange plaid fabric.
Orange and brown vintage 1960s cape image from Etsy shop SoftServeVintage.

Ok, this isn’t technically a coat, but it’s so cute that I couldn’t not include it. Am I the only one getting Evermore meets Red vibes from it?

Pink 1960s Vintage Plaid Coat

Split image. Left: white woman with blue hair in a pink plaid coat. Right: Closeup of two garment tags sew into the coat.
Pink 1960s Vintage Plaid Coat image from Etsy shop SurrealistVintage.

This is the coat for you if you’re wanting something a bit more girly or feminine. It’s got the same cool vibes and easy to wear shape as the original, just in a softer color pallet.

Missoni Desaturated Patch Pocket Coat

Another good option for someone who wants a softer looking coat is this Missoni option. The multi-colored plaid pattern is broken-up by small rectangles, giving the pattern a modern twist. The soft pallet, oversize patch pockets and curving shawl collar make this a great option for someone who likes unique finds.

Belted Textured Weave 1960s Check Coat

White woman in a brown and blue check knee length coat with a belt.
Belted Textured Weave 1960s Check Coat image from Etsy shop MoodyFlowers.

The best part about this coat has got to be the texture. The thick yarns used to weave the fabric add so much dimensionality and interest. Plus, the belt is great if you prefer a more fitted silhouette.

1970s Shirt-Style Orange Plaid Coat

White woman wearing an orange and black plaid knee length coat with a bias yoke.
1970s Shirt-Style Orange Plaid Coat from Etsy Shop NorthernGirlStore.

This work-shirt style coat with a large-scale plaid pattern is full of great details. I’m very into the bias cut yoke and large patch pockets.

Michael Kores Minimalist Orange and Black Plaid Coat

If you’re vibing with plaid, but generally prefer a more minimalist style, this Michael Kores coat is a great option. With a minimalist silhouette, no collar, no cuffs, no visible pockets, and hidden closures, this coat is as simple as it can get. It would be perfect for someone who loves

Stella McCartney Trench Coat

The actual coat featured on the Evermore album cover is by Stella McCartney. It’s safe to say that is likely to sell out quickly, if it hasn’t already. As an alternative, may I suggest this secondhand plaid trench coat from the designers 2019 collection? It’s perfect if you live in a warmer climate and don’t actually need a heavy wool but it’s easy to picture wearing this coat while running around the woods too.

Vintage Alexander McQueen Wool Jacket

If you like the idea of plaid but want something a little more conceptual, this McQueen jacket might be the right pick. It looks like warm wool scarf that somehow has been draped to form a jacket. The vibe is “cozy, but make it extra”.

Looking for More?

Looking for more coats? I keep a favorites list of vintage coats on Etsy. You also may want to check out the ever-changing stock on The Real Real or Vestiare Collective.