Friday Update October 16th, 2020: Adventure to the Beautiful and Exciting Chicago Botanic Garden

Last week was my 36th birthday. I have no idea how that possibly could’ve happened, but it most definitely did. I took a little time to relax and work on some projects I’d been wanting to start. It was nice to specifically focus on unwinding.

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Goings On

This week, in contrast, I’ve been feeling super motivated and really pushing myself. That also feels good. I mean, who doesn’t like the feeling of getting a bunch of tasks off of their plate?

A new post on buying antique lockets went up on Monday. I’ve been a little obsessed with antique jewelry for a long time now. Not only are the designs usually interesting and unique, but I also love that every piece is pre-owned! Lockets are some of my favorite things to stalk, though I’m very happy with the one I got for my birthday a few years ago. If you’re thinking about getting into antique or vintage lockets and don’t know where to start, read my guide here.

Worked on my dissertation. This week I’ve been focusing on my literature review. I’ve added a short section on labor activism and done a good read-through of the whole thing. I’m so, so close to being able to send a good draft of the first five chapters off to my advisor!

Took a day trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. Tuesday was most likely the last really nice day here in the Chicago area before the cold really sets in. So, I convinced my mother to go on a little adventure with me. The Botanic Gardens are about 40 minutes away from our house and, because they’re entirely outdoors it is one of the few adventures that feels safe right now. The garden has limited, ticketed entry and mandatory masks anytime a six-foot distance can’t be maintained. Everyone I saw was great about obeying the rules. The gardens were beautiful, though it was clear that some areas were past their peak. I mean, it is October. But there were still plenty of flowers, including some last-of-the-season roses. I’ll definitely be going back as soon as spring hits next year. Information about the Chicago Botanic Garden can be found here.

Bought some plants. Maybe I was influenced by my trip to the Botanic Garden. Maybe (definitely) I’ve been spending too much time in the plant enthusiast corner of tiktock. Or maybe the falling leaves have reminded me that I’ll soon be trapped inside again. But whatever the reason, I felt compelled to buy some plants this week. It started with an African violet I picked up at the gardens. Then, when I went to find a pot at a local store, I somehow ended up with three more plants. No pots though, those were super picked over for some reason. Figaro, of course, thinks he needs to chew on some of them. I’m working on breaking him of the habit, but I made sure they’re all non-toxic so there’s no danger if he wins this battle of wills.



The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I’m not going to be coy about it, Addie LaRue is fantastic. The book follows a woman who makes a bargain and ends up blessed with immortality and cursed to be forgotten by everyone the second they lose sight of her. The writing fantastic, like a mash up of Madeline Miller (Circe) and Erin Morganstern (The Night CircusThe Starless Sea). If you’re looking for a book that will completely distract you from the current world, it is perfect. You can find it at your local bookstore, at or through Book of the Month Club.


Moschino Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show. One of my favorite pandemic related fashion has been the alternative fashion show videos. Not being able to rely on models appears to have pushed many fashion houses to be creative in how they’re presenting their new collections and I absolutely love it. Moschino presented their latest collection in miniature using marionettes as models. It’s just the right mix of creepy and fabulous. I’m still kind of meh about the clothing, but then I’ve never been the brand’s target audience. Still, I’m obsessed with the presentation. Watch on YouTube.

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