Friday Update October 2nd, 2020: It Looks Like I’m a Fountain Pen Girl Now

Could someone please explain to me how it is October already? For some reason, this year seems to be going by so quickly! Except for the parts that never seem to end (looking at you pandemic and election). For me, though, the days themselves seem to be over almost as soon as they can begin. But another week has passed, so it’s time for another update!

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Goings On

Fall is very definitely here. It’s sweater and boot weather and more and more leaves are on the ground every day. I’m very into it. I may have also picked up a few new to me sweaters. The first one, a St. John cardigan from The Real Real came the other day and I am totally loving it’s cozy grandma vibes. Plus, St. John tends to make really solid, long lasting clothes, so it was defiantly a good investment. There are a few similar ones hereherehere, and here.

Projects are happening, but more slowly than I’d like. My various art projects are all in various states of not done. I had a bit of a hard time making time for them this week, but I’ve gotten a little done. I just have to keep reminding myself that I get cranky when I don’t create every day!

Did some editing. I got some really necessary editing done on my dissertation. It was mostly little things that I’d been avoiding, so it feels really good to have that off my plate. I’m still deep in the weeds on chapter 5, though, and seriously considering scraping it and starting over. But I think I’ll give it another read through and edit before doing anything drastic.


Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. My second Book of the Month Club pick for September was this novel about a bank robbery gone wrong. I still haven’t completely finished it, but I’d recommend it anyway just for the writing style. The author’s dry, humorous tone gives a lightness to an otherwise scary and dark situation. The characters manage to be easily recognizable without becoming caricatures. I honestly can’t wait to sit down this afternoon and dive in again. You can find anxious people at Book of the Month Club,  Bookshop, or your local bookstore.

Your Guild to Made-to-Order: The No Inventory Shopping Solution by Maura Brannigan. Part of my dissertation involves studying the transition between custom clothing and ready-to-wear, so naturally, I clicked on this article about the emerging trend of made-to-order clothing. Personally, I love the idea of made-to-order clothing having a comeback for all sorts of reasons, not the least of which is its potential for slowing down the pace of fashion. Read at Fashionista.


Enola Holmes. It’s been a while since I sat down and watched a movie without simultaneously crafting, checking my phone, etc. And, of course, I haven’t been to a theater since sometime in 2019. So, last Saturday after listening to the Pop Culture Happy Hour review, I decided to make a little snack and stream the adorable Sherlock Holmes inspired movie, Enola Holmes. The film follows Enola, who is Sherlock’s younger sister, as she tries to find her missing mother. While there are definitely a few things about this film that don’t quite work, overall it was a great watch. If you go in determined to like it and want to enjoy yourself, you will. It also is perfectly set up for a sequel, which I am totally on board for. Watch Enola Holmes on Netflix.


Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen. I like to do a lot of writing by hand, so in the past I ended up going through a lot of pens. In my quest to reduce my use of plastics, I started buying refills for my favorite pens (pilot G2 0.38), so at least I wasn’t throwing away good pen bodies all the time, but I still wanted to do a little better. So, I started doing research on fountain pens. Choosing one was more than a little overwhelming, especially because there’s such a big pricing gap. Entry-level pens can be as little as $3 while luxury pens are hundreds of dollars. I finally settled on the Pilot Metropolitan because it has great reviews, an all-metal body, and comes with a fine nib. It’s a little heavier and the lines are a little thicker than my old G2s, but otherwise, I haven’t had any trouble switching. I’ve got a bunch of cartridges to start, but once I run out I’m planning on giving the converter attachment a try! Purchase the Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen from Jet Pens.

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