October Faves

Hi Everyone!

So, I’m trying to get this blog going again (for realz this time!) and one of the new types of post I’m implementing is a monthly links roundup.  These will contain a handful of articles, podcasts, videos, social posts that I’ve encountered that month and found particularly relevant or interesting.  Let me know if you have any ideas about what should be included by using the contact list or DM-ing me on social (Twitter or Insta).  I can’t promise to include everything, but I will definitely read any suggestions!

Knockoffs: 5 (Legal) Reasons You’ll See the Same Lingerie Under Different Names

This month I want to start off with an article by Cora Harrington from the always great The Lingerie Addict blog (or is it more of an online magazine now? IDK, but it’s great and you should be reading it).  If you’ve ever noticed similar or identical products being sold under different labels, you probably assumed that someone’s work was being knocked off.  But what if there’s another explanation?  In this article you get some insight into how the industry works and how to figure out if a product is a knockoff, a counterfeit, or something else entirely.

Washington Post Critic Robin Givhan is Fashion’s Original Watchdog

If you’re not familiar with the fashion journalist Robin Givhan, consider this interview with Indie Mag to be a long overdue introduction.  I found myself nodding along emphatically throughout the entire article.  Stand out quote:

“But it [fashion] needs to perhaps do a better job in understanding what constitutes a fan, what constitutes a critic, what constitutes a reporter, what constitutes an active participant in the fashion industry.”

Thousands of Gemstones and Beads Went Into These Moldy Fruit Sculptures

I love these sculptures of moldy fruits made with beautiful beads more that I can express here.  They’re simultaneously beautiful and gross.  Click through to see them and read about Kathleen Ryan the artist behind them.

Blamo Podcast: Eileen Fischer

Sure, I’ve heard Eileen Fischer be interviewed before, but I never get sick of listening to her talk about the company she built.  If you’ve heard other interviews with her you might not learn anything earth shatteringly new, but its always nice to have a reminder that there are people out there trying to build ethical and sustainable fashion companies.

Beauty Standards, Aging and Confidence

Having turned 35 myself this month, this short meditation on aging by fashion scholar Lori Smith felt particularly relevant.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know that other people are thinking about the same things as I am.