Some of my

Favorite Tools & Resources

There are a few things and companies I recommend over and over again. I recommend them on this blog, I show off thing things I’ve gotten on Instagram, and I rave about them to my friends and family in the off-line world.

Full disclaimer: I’m an affiliate for many, but not all, of the companies listed below, which means I may make a commission when you buy something. You can read my full site policies here.

my favorite crafting resources
The Crafter's Box

The Crafter’s Box has been one of my favorite ways to explore new crafts over the last few years. Their monthly kits include a curated set of supplies and a step by step video workshop, which makes learning new skills simple and easy. Visit them by clicking the link below or ready my review.

Craftsy was one of the first sites I took online classes from and remains on of my favorite. While the company has had a few rocky years, lately it’s shown signs of coming back to life. However, the real draw of this service for me is the deep back catalog. There are some amazingly in-depth courses, especially in the sewing sections. I highly recommend the subscription option so you can explore all you want!

Creative Live is a subscription service for creative people. They have a wide variety of classes ranging from screen printing to time management. These classes are generally taught in front of a live audience who are able to ask questions and get feedback from the instructor. I recommend the subscription option here too because I love being able to jump from class to class.

My first stop whenever I need something is Etsy. The marketplace is huge, including supplies, finished products, and vintage goods from all over the world. I find it a great place to buy unusual supplies (silk embroidery floss, wire for stumpwork) and home goods (like my favorite ceramic pour over set). I keep favorites lists when I’m researching or shopping for something specific that you can check out too!

If you sew at all you need to have Wawak in your list of resources. They always have the best price on notions and tools, shipping is fast, and the quality is consistent. They serve both business and everyday consumers, so they’re a great way to get professional quality supplies.

Blick Art Materials

Blick is my go-to resource for art supplies. I love going in and grabbing watercolor paints, linoleum printing blocks, or a new sketchbook. If you’re thinking of exploring a new medium, they usually have everything you need!

Shop Fabric at Fat Quarter Shop

I started using Fat Quarter Shop during my recent experiments in hand quilting, but I keep going back because it’s such a great place to get sewing and quilting basics. Start here if you’re looking for quilt batting, all the colors of Kona cotton (my fave is oyster!), or the latest tools.

Dharma Trading

Dharma is the best place to go for dying and printing supplies. They also have a wealth of educational resources, especially if you’re just getting started dyeing. I also really love their range of economically priced pre-dyed silk charmeuse and habotai for linings.

Sewing Machines Plus

If you’re looking for a dedicated online sewing machine dealer and resource for sewing supplies, Sewing Machines Plus is a great option. I love that their selection includes both home and industrial options. I also like their very low free shipping limit (last I checked it was just 35$!)

my favorite blogging resources

While I’m fairly tech-savvy, running a website isn’t for the faint of heart. Luckily, Site Ground has an easy to use interface that makes it simple to manage my blog.

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I’m currently using the Oliva theme from Restored 316. Because it’s a Kadence block theme, it was super easy to customize. It also was beautiful right out of the box, so I didn’t have to spend too much time fiddling around with the design. And with their block collections I can combine elements from different themes to get the functionality I need.

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Creative Market

Creative market is my favorite place to look for fonts and other design assets. The licensing is clear and easy to understand. You can get everything from themes to templates to graphics. It’s the best place to start if you want to design your own website or are starting a business and need to create a visual brand without blowing your budget.

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