This week, I had a moment of panic when I realized that I was missing my favorite antique thimble. I’ve regularly worn one to sew since I studied fashion design as an undergrad. Now, the middle finger on my right hand feels strangly bare if I sew without one. Eventually I found it under my bed. How it got there is still a mystery, but I’d be willing to guess that one of the cats stole it off my desk.

I immediatly started looking to see if I could find so backup thimbles, just in case. This lead me down a whole rabbit hole of vintage and antique thimbles on Etsy. As my wishlist got longer and longer, I knew I had to share my favorites here!

Clara is the most likely thimble thief, but I can’t be mad at that face!

The favorite thimble in action, helping me darn one of my favorite socks.

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Prudential Life Insurance Co. Thimble

Set of two Prudential Life Insurance thimbles currently for sale. Image via GodDoesn’tMakeJunk on Etsy.

The nearly lost thimble in question was a Prudential Life Insurance Company thimble. It was part of a large pile of vintage thimbles my mother had gotten from a relative. There’s nothing particularly special about this thimble, except that it fits me perfectly, making it a joy to use. I don’t know how common they are, but I did find a lot of two for sale that I’m seriously considering buying.

Antique Gold Thimbles

The next time someone asks me what I want for present, I’m going to point them towards one of these solid gold thimbles. I particularly love this one because of the geometric botanical pattern around the bottom.Yes, they are expensive, but I can’t help but love the idea of sewing with something so fancy. Plus, they’re a great option if you have sensativities to other metals. The divots covering the upper half of the thimble make this piece just as practical as it is pretty.

Silver Victorian Thimble

If, however, showy is your thing, I love the three dimmensionality in this silver antique thimble. Accoriding to the listing, this is a victorian peice, though that covers a wide range of possible dates. After a good polishing this really would be a stunning piece. But I would only reccomend sewing with it if you tend to press using your fingertip, as the dented portion is really small. However, this thimble is worth considering even if you don’t sew, as it would make a great display piece!

Silver Mexican Vintage Thimble

This Mexican thimble from the 1940s is stunning in it’s own way. I love the graphic geometric nature of the botanical pattern. Like the victorian above, this thimble is best for those that don’t use the side of their fingers to push or are just looking for a display piece.


While I tend to prefer metal thimbles for working, I cannot deny that there are many adorable ceramic thimbles floating around out there. One of my favorites is this pink jasperware thimble made by Wedgewood. The colored clay ground with matte finish and white motif are such a classic style.There’s also a cute blue version with crab motif that I am a little obsessed with.

More Vintage and Antique Thimbles

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