Vintage vanity with a round mirror in a dark closet with sparkling lights.

Vintage Vanity Etsy Roundup

Do you ever start researching something only to fall down a related rabbit hole? I recently wrote about the antique desk I bought my self and during my search I kept turning up so many great vintage vanities.

As pretty as they were, I knew they wouldn’t work for my space. For the style I like most, I would need a big blank wall to accomodate the mirror. A large dresser is currently occupying the only logical space in my current bedroom. And as much as I love the flip top versions, they don’t really work well for me since I was planning on using the top of the desk as a laptop charging space.

So, instead, I’ve complied a roundup of the top five vintage vanities I found on Etsy for you all to enjoy!

Vintage vanity with a round mirror in a dark closet with sparkling lights.
Photo by Liam McGarry via Unsplash

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Custom Painted French Provincial Vintage Vanity

Cream French Provincial Vanity with top flipped open to reveal a mirror and matching bench.
French Provincial vanity. Image via Mancini Vintage.

This flip-top style French Provincial vintage vanity can be refinished in any color you like by the Etsy shop ManciniVintage. This California based store specializes in refinishing French-style vintage furniture. Their stock changes regularly, so if you find yourself obsessed with anything (like I am with this full bedroom set!) it’s best not to wait too long. Shipping to mainland USA is included in the price, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with unexpected shipping fees.

Before my last move I had a similar vanity and used it frequently. I loved how the drawers provided just the right amount of storage space without the piece looking heavy. One caviate is that, with this flip top style, you need to keep the top clear if you want to access the middle drawer. However, it is totally worth it to feel like a prinicess while getting ready in the morning.

Midcentury Modern Vanity

Cream wedge shapped mid-century modern vanity with top flipped open to reveal a mirror and matching stool.
Midcentury modern vanity. Image via Etsy shop LynxHollowAntiques.

If you’re interested in something with clean lines, this John Stuart flip top vanity desk and bench may be the perfect fit. Sold by LynxHollowAntiques, out of Forney, Texas, a small antqiue dealer.

While it is the priciest of the vintage vanity options in this roundup (and shipping is extra), it also is completely different from everything else I found. The half circle shape makes it perfect for tucking into the corner of your modern bedroom. I can’t be the only one who wants to sit at this vanity and put on my makeup while sipping on a strong cocktail, right?

Hollywood Regency Mirrored Vintage Vanity and Bench

Mirrored Hollywood Regency style vaniity with five drawers and matching stool.
Hollywood regency mirrored vanity with stool. Image via Etsy shop VintageGrindHouse.

If you’re into mid-century but in more of a Dita Von Teese sort of way, this mirrored vintage vanity and stool combo may be perfect for you. Sold by Chicago based vintage furniture dealer VintageGrindHouse, shipping is calculated on an individal basis. So get a quote first, especially if you live on one of the coasts.

Whatever shipping comes to, I think would be well worth the cost because this is such a cool peice! Mirrored furniture goes in and out of fashion, but I feel like one stantment piece always looks great. I can easily see this as the focal point of a dark, moody bedroom.

Burl Walnut Deco Vanity and Chair

Burl Walnut French Deco vanity with curved sides, oval mirror, and matching chair.
Theodore Alexander Burl Walnut French Deco Vanity and Chair. Image via Etsy shop StenellaAntiques.

If natural materials are more your thing, this Burl Walnut vintage vanity with matching chair might be exacgtly what you’re looking for. Sold by StenellaAntiques, a Pennsylvania based antiques dealer, shipping isn’t included.

The wood used in this vanity set is so beautiful that, honestly, I can’t really focus on the cost. In all my browsing, I haven’t seen any other vanitiese that have a similar shape. I love the almost masculine vibe this gives off. If dark academia is your aesthetic, this would be a perfec fit.

Two-Tone 1920s Dressing Table

Two-tone 1920s style wooden vanity with a long, curved mirror.
1920s antique vanity. Image via Etsy shop CTWAntiques.

This style of 1920s vanity, with the long center mirror, is exactly the opposit of what I needed, so it was exactly what I fell in love with. There are actually a fair number of these floating around the resale market, but this 1920s antique vanity from CTWAntques in Colorado is one of my favorites (followed closely by this similar style from ManciniVintage).

I love that this style of vanity also doubles as a full length mirror. It feels like it would be the prefect place to put the finishing touches on an outfit before going out for a night at the opera. One day, when leaving the house is a thing we all do and I have my own place again, I am buying one of these. Until then, I’m just going to keep stalking them on Etsy!

Wrap Up

I this post has gotten you thinking about antique shopping, check out my post on buying my antique desk for more resorces. Or you can check out my Vintage Vanity favorites list over on Etsy. And if you have or buy an antique vanity tell me all about it in the comments below or on Instagram!